What is ReportKindness.com?
A site where anyone can report an act of kindness anywhere in the world. These acts are visualized in real time on an interactive map. You can filter by time to see when and where kindness happens.
Acts of Kindness can be easily submitted via text messages, email, Twitter and web forms.
How does it work?
“It may be as simple as taking a home-baked cake to a friend, or as heroic as pulling an injured motorcyclist from under a burning car - there is no act of kindness too large or small.”
Anyone who commits, is the recipient of, or witnesses an act of kindness, is encouraged to submit a report along with a headline, description, geographical location, date and time, plus a photo and/or video link, if available.
Why ReportKindness.com?
Our intention is to elevate a local positive state of consciousness to a global one. Acts of Kindness are one step towards this goal. ReportKindness.com has been created to be a source of encouragement, counteracting the many negative aspects of human life with which we are bombarded every day.
On ReportKindness.com, data is visualized so anyone can get a quick and interactive snapshot of global kindness. You could find someone in your neighbourhood or even on your street who reported an Act of Kindness and reply with a message of encouragement. You can even sign-up to email alerts or RSS feeds narrowed down to any specific geographic location.

Role of Partnership

The role of our Partners is to help engage new Acts of Kindness and site users. Add a badge or link to your website, write a blog post, send out a newsletter and spread the word on your social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. You can also add our Kindness RSS feed to your website - all good news all the time!
Some additional benefits to Partnership
In addition to good Karma, partners will also be featured on our resource page*. It's a great opportunity for others to find out about your efforts and organization as well as gain an inbound link to help your search engine ranking.
* Partners will be listed in order of referral links (inbound links from your website to ours measured by our site analytics).
Support for our Partners
You are free to use your own method to promote ReportKindness.com. To make things easier, we also provide site badges and banners, an HTML newsletter, and sample blog posts.
Just want to help out
Perhaps you don't want to be an official partner but would like to help out. We appreciate volunteers, advertising space and any other resource you have to give.